Traditional Rugs


Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are those with classic design patterns, reminiscent of previous design trends and styles. But they're an increasingly popular and stylish design option that can work well even in contemporary spaces. When you add a traditional rug into an otherwise modern space, this provides an interesting blend of two styles. Alternatively, a traditional rug also works with classic furniture and design to form a sophisticated room design.

You'll also find traditional rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes. They're commonly used as area rugs for large spaces like the living room or bedrooms. They tend to have intricate patterns that can be useful for hiding stains or wear and tear in high traffic areas. Most traditional rugs also have a low pile height or flat weave so their pattern remains uniform in appearance. A significant advantage of this style is that they're much easier to clean.

If you're searching for a traditional rug to complete a space in your home, you'll find exactly what you've been looking for when you shop our collection. You can sort through our options by size, colour, pile height, and more to make sure you're finding the right match.