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Gray and Silver Rugs

  • color group:Grays / Silvers

Gray Rugs

Gray rugs are a timeless and sophisticated choice that bring a calming energy to any space. You'll see gray rugs in virtually any room of the home or office, and there are a variety of materials to choose from whether you're looking for simply a design element or something more practical.

A significant advantage to choosing a gray rug is they can work well with almost any decor style in the home. Whether you have a modern and contemporary space or a more traditional look, there's a gray rug that will suit the space perfectly. For a more traditional style, consider a gray vintage rug with other muted tones running through it. If you're taking a bolder, more modern approach, a geometric rug is just the thing!

Gray rugs are often found in spaces of the home where just a small area needs to be covered. A plush gray rug works well in the bathroom between the bathtub and the sink, and they can also fit nicely in front of the kitchen sink. Gray rug runners are another popular option in the home. Whether they line a hallway or the space between the kitchen sink and the island, they add a calming, tranquil effect to any space.

For gray rugs of all sizes, shapes, patterns, and pile heights, sort through our collection to find what you've been dreaming of.