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Octagon Rugs

  • shape:Octagon

Octagon Rugs

Octagon rugs are a lovely choice in entryways, dining rooms, and offices. The edges offset the round or square edges of a table, and they can also draw the eye to whatever is above the rug, including an art piece or a display case.

When you choose an octagon rug for your home, you're choosing a unique piece that is sure to get compliments with every visitor into your home. These rugs typically aren't meant to simply blend into the home — instead, they are like a piece of art in and of themselves!

A small octagon rug can complement the rest of a room's decor and also protect the floors at the same time. They make a surprisingly beautiful option in bathrooms placed between the shower and the sink. You might also opt for a large octagon rug as the focal point for an entire room that adds warmth, comfort, and style all at once.

As you sort through our collection of octagon rugs, you'll see there are options to suit every room and for a variety of purposes. Whether you simply want to fill a space in your home or create an exciting visual element for a space, an octagon rug can get the job done!


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