Solid Rugs


Solid Rugs

Solid rugs can enhance virtually any room in your home. From a neutral option that makes a room look more comfortable and inviting to a bolder piece that functions like artwork, there's a solid rug option meant for your home.

It's hard to find a rug more versatile than a solid rug. They can be found in every material, style, colour, shape, pile height, and size. If you're adding a solid rug to a room with bright walls or furniture, consider a natural tone for your solid rug. This grounds the room and prevents it from looking too busy. On the other hand, a room with plain or simple colours and furniture could be the perfect spot to place a solid rug in a bright, exciting colour.

Another quality that makes solid rugs so versatile is that you can find them in just about every size and shape. If you'd like a small rug to soften the surface in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink, a solid black rug with a high pile height is a common and trendy option. Extra-large or oversized solid rugs can be the perfect choice for a living room or bedroom. They can protect the floor from your furniture, as well as foot-traffic and other wear and tear.

Take a look at the thousands of solid rugs we have to offer, and you'll find the right size, colour, and fit for your home or office.