Modern Rugs


Modern Rugs

What's not to love about modern rugs? From a unique statement piece for your living room to a sleek, contemporary rug for your bedroom, modern rugs can blend seamlessly into the style of any home. Whether you're looking for a bright, bold option or something more subtle, there's a modern option perfect for what you need.

Most modern rugs are 5 x 8, but you can choose from small area rugs, rug runners, or large area rugs to suit exactly what you need for a particular space. Modern rugs tend to feature less intricate patterns than vintage rugs, for example. Instead, they typically favour bigger patterns, unique weaves, or even solid colours.

Modern rugs can serve a variety of purposes in the home. Often, it's as a focal point in the room thanks to its unique characteristics --- the eye is immediately drawn to the unique pattern or weave of a modern rug. On the other hand, modern rugs may also be more minimalist, with neutral colours, clean lines, and a smooth transition for the floor to the rug.

No matter your design tastes or the size of rug you're looking for, we have impressive modern rugs to help you find just what you need. Be sure to browse our entire selection of contemporary rugs to see the great options you have to choose from.