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Bordered Rugs

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Border Rugs

Bordered rugs function as somewhat of a picture frame in your home. They draw the eye to whatever is within their border, making them a popular choice for dining rooms to frame your table and chairs. Many homeowners opt for large or extra-large border rugs, but smaller options can also work in many cases.

One of the advantages to choosing a bordered rug is you can find options in almost every colour, material, and weave. A flat weave bordered rug is especially common, as a low pile height works best under dining room furniture. Not only is it easier to clean than a high pile height rug, but it is also easier to slide your chairs on.

Bordered rugs are also a good option for outdoor use. If you have a patio furniture set, including an outdoor dining table and chairs, your border rug will tie the space together perfectly. Just make sure you choose a material like polypropylene that's suitable for outdoor use and easy to clean.

While they're simple in design, a bordered rug is a lovely way to make a room look complete and well-thought-out. When you browse our collection of thousands of bordered rugs, you'll find just the one you've been searching for in no time!


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